Rat Care

This section is continually expanding, so check back often for updates.

Getting a Rat
Choosing a rat needs some consideration. Deciding on what sex, how many, and what to look for in a rat are all things you need to think about. more>>

Rat Introductions
Introducing new rats to your existing rats isn't always easy. In this section we've got a few tips to make intros as trouble and screech free as possible. more>>

Its important for your rat to eat a balanced diet. Find out what to feed them, what not to feed them, and ideas for yummy treats. more>>

A rat can unfortunately have many health problems in it's short life. Educating yourself on them is the first step to keeping them healthy. more>>

Sometimes our little friends need help with things like nail clipping, bathing, and other things that are sure to get you looks of indignity. more>>

Most rats spend a lot of their time in a cage. It's important for the cage to have decent ventilation, and be large enough for the rats to run around and play. It's also important to use the right kind of bedding. more>>

Cage Calculator
Our new cage calculator is a handy guide that can tell you many rats a cage will house. more>>

Toys and Play
Rats love to play! Here are some ideas for keeping your ratty entertained. more>>

Got questions about your rat? Hopefully this section with have an answer for you. more>>


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