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This page includes links to some of our favourite sites.  Most have their own extensive links sections, so don't forget to take a look at those too. If you know of any websites that should be here, drop us a line and let us know.


Australian Rat Fancier's Society - The name says it all.

National Fancy Rat Society - UK based rat club.

Fancy Rats UK - UK based forum, click on "Home" to see the rest of the website.

Ratanooga - South African Rat Club website with a wealth of info on all things ratty.

Ratz R Us - UK based site with a lot of good information, a semi busy forum.

Rats Rule Forum - Formerly RFC forum. Has over 5,000 members. 

Rat Fan Club - Helpful site run by Debbie Ducommun, "The Rat lady". Debbie is is internationally recognised as an expert on pet rats. She's also the author of The Rat Health Care Booklet.

Rat and Mouse Club of America - Extensive site with lots of info, and a great rat drug chart.

New Zealand Sites

NZ Rat Rescue - A wonderful rescue situated throughout NZ. Check them out if looking to adopt some rats, or wanting to donate to a worthy cause.

Rat Wrangler Sanctuary - Auckland based rattery specialising in ruby-eyed rats, including down under.

FlyingDuster Rattery - Dunedin based rattery breeding most colours and markings, including down under. Taking a break from breeding right now.

Rascally Ratties Rattery - Dunedin based rattery specialising in mink and DUs. Not breeding at the moment.

Fluffy Stuff - A site for NZ pet loves. Includes a small animals section in the forum, and links to other rat related websites.

New Zealand Vets

Newstead Vets - Hamilton based vets. Knowledgeble vets and very friendly staff and atmosphere.

Ponsonby Veterinary Centre - Auckland Vet recommended by other rat owners.

Dunedin South Veterinary Clinic - Clinic in Dunedin

Australian Sites

The Dapper Rat - An awesome (Aussie) site full of many many toy ideas, cage ideas, rat care articles, photos, stories, and many links. 

Ratmandu - An experienced rattery based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Mad Ratter Rattery - Rattery based in Victoria, Australia.

For Sale - NZ

Nutro New Zealand - Nutro is recommended in Suebee's rat diet, and I recently got a free sample from them.

Securapet Cages - Based in Tauranga. Currently has one chinchilla/rat cage, but will also make cages to custom orders. Has come recommended by rat owners in the former NZ rat club.

Real Groovy - New Zealand's answer to  If you do a search for Rats, they have many rat care books, including Debbie Ducommun's "Rats - For Today's Pet Owner" as well as the Rats of NIMH books and Terry Pratchett's "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents."  Well worth a look.

Rat Sites from Around the World

Rat Guide - "A Layman's Guide to Health, Medication Use, and Responsible Care of Pet Rats." An awesome resource. - An educational website with articles about rat behavior and biology.

First Aid for Small Furries - All you need to know about basic nursing care.

Varieties of Rat - A very handy site to have bookmarked.  The best rat-variety page I've seen. (note that a number of varieties overseas are different to that in NZ)

Rat Cage Gallery - The website is in German, but has a very cool cage gallery.

Virginia's Rat Page - A vast amount of links to do with nearly everything ratty.

Rats Rule  - Has a ton of info, and many many links.

Ratty Rat
-Another cool personal site with toy ideas etc.

Fun Sites

Federal Bureau of Rats - An amusing site detailing the bad rat crime rings of the world.  Sadly no longer being updated, but well worth a look.

Pet Rat Photos - Name says it all.  UK based site.

AlienRat - Very cool UK site with video clips of rats...and really cool alien rat hoodies


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