General Medication Calculator

This resource is available to double check the dose your vet prescribed is correct. This page is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Do not medicate your pet except as instructed by a veterinarian and never change the dose without discussing it with your vet first.

Follow the instructions carefully; if at any step you find that you do not have the correct information, do not proceed. Please double-check any calculations you make, particularly when converting between units such as pounds and grams and where you put the decimal points; the medication calculator's results are only as good as the information it is given.

Step 1 - Do you know... Before you use the calculator, you must know three things:

  • The concentration of the medication. This must be in mg/ml for all medications. "Mg/ml" tells you how many mgs are in a ml of liquid. For example, if there are 10mg/ml, put in 10. If the medication is Baytril and its concentration is in percentages, please use the Baytril Calculator.
  • The prescribed dosage. This must be in mg/lb. Please use to get the correct dosage. For example, if the dosage is 5mg/lb, put 5 into the calculator.
  • The weight of your rat. This must be in g (grams). For example; if your rat weights 200 grams, put in 200.

It is imperative that these units (mg, ml, lb, g) are correct; if you give incorrect values, then the calculator will give incorrect results. If you have all this information, go to Step 2;

Step 2 - You know the concentration of the medication in mg/ml. You also know the dosage you're supposed to give, in mg per pound of rat, and your rat's weight in grams. Fill in that information in the calculator below, and click "Calculate" to find out how much medication you should administer.

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